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Welcome to Axel NET! We offer you the following services:

• Documents Legalization

Over time, and in response to the growing demand for such services, Axel NET has developed into an agency specialized into documents legalization (also called authentication) and Apostille consultancy. We inform our clients about public offices, the procedures to perform in order to obtain the documents that they need and the costs of these operations. In brief, our consultants help our clients understand the easiest and quickest procedure for their needs, whether they are individuals or companies.

We perform such services on a daily basis, primarily dealing with the legalization of documents used in international trade, usually by companies based in the Balkans (e.g. shipping documents).


• Certified Translations

Axel NET provides worldwide translation services. Our collaborators include lawyers, thus giving us the opportunity to deliver translations certified according to the Greek legislation. What does that mean, practically? That means that the translation has been made official, or certified, by a lawyer and may thus be used for administrative and/or legal purposes. Only official/certified translations may be used for administrative and/or legal purposesRead more...


• Regular Translation (without certification)

Axel NET provides worldwide translation services. Our main focus lies on high quality and customer satisfaction. Our team is composed of different specialists for all European languages (and others), and for the following domains: legal, economic/financial, management, marketing, technical, scientific, medical, historical, art, conversation and literature. Read more...


• Declarations and Registrations of Births, Marriages, Deaths, Divorces, etc. in Greece.

Wherever you live, Axel NET will help you declare and register life events (births, marriages, divorces, deaths, etc.) in Greece. You will thus avoid losing a lot of time and money by coming in Greece and dealing with the local bureaucracy yourself. You will indeed avoid queues at the offices of public administration, a great deal of bureaucracy, loss of important documents and delay. Axel NET offers you a direct and qualitative solution to your legalization problems. To know more, contact us.

What we offer:

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